Control over energy consumption.
Inspire responsible consumption behaviour.

We make energy consumption simple, accessible and transparent in order to create a better world through more sustainable consumption behaviour and reduced energy waste and costs.

Our team

Kyle Yong

Co-founder, CEO
Operations and Impact Lead

Thomas Adam Keil

Co-founder, CTO
Product and Software Lead

Schabnam Azad

Experience and UI Lead

Lenz Husmann

Business Development Advisor

Joining Shortly

Machine Learning Engineer

We Are a Vienna-Based startup bringing energy consumption transparency to the market.

Thomas and Kyle met at the end of 2022 in a small restaurant on the Landstraßer Hauptstraße in Vienna to discuss the terrible confusion around energy consumption. 

In 2023, we are a fast developing pre-seed stage startup committed to making energy usage as accessible and intuitive as possible for consumers.

Our biggest supporters and collaborators.

FAQs for Partners and Investors

Energy providers can enhance their service offerings by integrating EnergyTrack’s real-time monitoring and insights, thereby increasing customer engagement and loyalty, and decreasing customer service requirements.

Appliance producers can collaborate with us to promote energy-efficient devices, leveraging our platform to demonstrate the energy and cost savings their products offer.

Energy consultants can use our detailed analytics to measure the effectiveness of their strategies and implementations, offering clients a quantifiable ROI and reinforcing the value of their services.

We offer a rich dataset and a platform for developing machine learning algorithms in energy disaggregation, making it an ideal partnership for research institutes. We look forward to mutual applications for funded research projects.

We have formed the core team focusing on the product expertise, business development and user experience.

We have secured key partnerships to pilot our solution in real-environments and perform market research ensuring product-market-fit.

We are part of AWS’s First International Incubator and working within the sustainability-oriented Climate Lab community.

EnergyTrack is currently at TRL 5, with a fully functional solution operating on site with pilot partners to validate its effectiveness.

We aim to reach TRL 7 by Q1 2024.

Climate change is an existential crisis facing this world. Energy is responsible for 77% of Green House Gas emissions and Austria needs to reduce their energy usage by 650 Petajoules by 2030. By promoting responsible energy consumption and providing actionable insights, we aim to significantly reduce energy waste and promote responsible consumption behaviour.

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